So, you may have noticed the headline on my etsy site (tinymishaps.etsy.com) says 10% of sales would be donated to World Relief Dupage. What’s that all about?

Well there’s a few things behind that. Accident and mishap is not the sole source of inspiration for me. Prayer, enigma, problem and epiphany also play frequent roles.

I had been wanting to rev up my etsy site for a long time. boxchicken.etsy.com is mine too. I’ll be posting quite a bit in there shortly and I’ll let you know when that happens. But you’ll notice I had that idea years ago. Lately I’d been wanting to do a lot of things, like do somethign with all the stuff I’d been making and make more stuff but also have more space. So etsy was somewhat of a purposeful outlet for these things as well. But it also seemed like a really selfish outlet, like a ‘me store’ for ‘my things’ with no real purpose beyond doing what I felt like doing and putting it out there for everyone else.

So one Sunday I was sitting in church, in unfocused prayer when the idea of tithing and the etsy shop struck me. It was very clear. God set the idea in my head to indeed go ahead with the etsy site but to also be sure to tithe, off the top not off the profit, 10%, and that it ought to go to World Relief.  So that’s what I’m trying to do. I know it’s only a little bit but might as well try.

Further, there’s a project, resilient craft, that has recently started where refugees make and sell crafts and artisan works. It promotes community collaboration and skill development as well as funding resettlement. I’m thinking I may donate proceeds directly to help fund the start up of this project as would seem an appropriate partnership.

Background that makes this make more sense:

I’m an ESL teacher by trade and went to gradschool outhere in the middle of the US specifically because I wanted to work with refugees and this organization, World Relief, was in the same area as the graduate program in TESOL. I taught there for two years and thenw as mysteriously offered another hard to get ESL job, which I took but had to leave the job I loved to take it. So I’ve been looking for ways to stay involved, this turns out to be one I hadn’t previously considered. Hopefully I’ll be volunteering again there soon.

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