Green! What a Statement!

Another new piece.
I saw these bright green shell disc shaped beads when I was out and got them, not having any real idea what I’d do with them. But, for some reason the color green they are was just appealing. In the same trip I got these glass/foil tube beads which are really a little radioactive looking.

When I playing with supplies I thought I’d just make a nice simple bracelet out of the discs with simple spacers, maybe tiny silver flat spacers or gold seed beads. I suggested the bracelet idea to my husband who said ‘necklace’. I’m not sure how much thought went into the statement initially but I decided to take the challenge and make a necklace instead. Only having 9 of the circles, I knew I needed to mix them with something. Luckily, I found the little green stone cube beads I’d had around for a few weeks now.

I’m pesonally really into big, tiered, intricate statement necklaces so I started thinking how I could make this a necklace I might wear. I started laying it out on my new sterling silver eye pins (or sterling silver plated? I’ll have to check). I had a few different arrangements with the discs but the symmetrical graduated one stuck. Then I added the radioactive tube beads, which my husband appropved of. I was still skeptical of the stone beads and tried swarovski pearls, but they just didnt look right. I found some of my tiny periodot czech glass and that coupled with the stone beads completed it. And a recently purchased, very modern looking, rodium plated clasp finished it off. So much green! And here it is:

What a statement!

What a statement!

Rodium Plated clasp

Rodium Plated clasp



It’s always tricky for me to make necklaces, especially ones like this. I’m still figuring out length, how far apart to place the dangling pieces, how far aroudn to let the dangling parts go… But I think this one is alright, at least on me :). I’m really happy with the way it falls, which is always tricky too.
It is very intensely green, but I think it works. I feel like it turned out pretty wearable.

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