On the front Page!

Legos-hanging sculpture was featured on the front page of etsy! My first feature and I don’t care how geeky it is I’m thoroughly excited about my, probably literal, 5 minutes of fame 🙂

A big thanks to the UK Beaded Jewelry shop owner AREJewellery for making the treasury with my sculpture in it that made it to the front page and craftcult.com because I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

If you’re not familiar with craftcult it may become your newest obsession. I check it multiple times a day. For shop owners you can look up how many shop and item hearts and views you have (heartomatic) and if any of them are new. You can also check to see if you’ve been featured anywhere. I wish it had a slot where it showed if you were featured in a treasury because I really like to see those as well and go thank their creators for putting my stuff in with a bunch of other cool things. And there is also a feature  called the vault where you can browse previous front page treasuries.

So front 6-6:30pm I was on the front page. Thirty minutes of fame, woohoo!

And now I can officially use this coveted icon:

Legos-Hanging Sculpture-Front Page

Legos-Hanging Sculpture-Front Page

Legos-hanging sculpture

Legos-hanging sculpture

Most of the information of how I made this piece is already on etsy. But incase you missed it I’ll catch you up here and add some more to it.

This actually started as a graduate school grammar class project if you can believe it or not. I was going to give a demo lesson on teaching commands and decided for some reason that I didn’t want to do the typical low level TPR drills like simon says so I developed a lesson on writing instructions for intermediate levels.

For the lesson I decided I would use legos, which gave me an excuse to buy a giant bucket of legos so I could outfit my class of 20 something or so classmates with legos. For the project I had the class look at a picture, build something, write instructions switch and build the same thing only from written instructions and then compare the picture and product.

So, set one was to build a bunch of simple but distinct mini lego sculptures and photographs them. I had alot of fun building with the legos and taking the pictures. Each one was very distinct and most of them seemed like little creatures with personality. After the project I still had the pictures.  I think the ones I used in the sculpture may be the duplicates but now I’m not sure.

Anyway, I took the pictures of the legos I had made and cut them into squares with one lego creation per square (about 4 by 4 inches?). Then I colored the back with a marker that corresponded to the colors of the legos.  I then intricately cut these up and hung them on strings.

These strings were then arranged to form a cohesive sculpture.

Actually initially my hanging sculptures were site specific. I would rearrange them at each show depending on the space. Places seem to like to have me since I don’t require wall space and am particularly happy in stairwells and hallways.

The legos have been to 2 or 3 shows in a variety of similar arrangements. It is one of the smallest arrangements I’ve made with only a handful of strands. It is by far the most colorful and seems to make people smile a lot. Now I have them hung in a more permanent arrangement sew onto a small canvas that hangs from the ceiling. This way it is much easier to transport and can be easily and quickly hung and moved by any one, a vast improvement over the old method.

I like, as I do with all of these pieces, that there are different levels of enjoyment and visualization. From far away you can see it as one cohesive piece and as you get closer the individual strands show their unique characteristics. But then as you get really close you can start to uncover the original lego sculptures that started it all.

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