Resilient Craft Take 3

This Saturday, like the Saturday before, I spent most of the morning and midday at the home of some Bhutanese refugees for the weekly meeting of Resilient Craft. The hosts are very generous opening their home weekly to the project. Though I suppose it’s just like having friends over. There was also sweet chai and ‘napali breakfast’, extra spiced ramen with vegetables and chillis ;).
Last weekend I retaught earring making and head pin loops and brought some samples I had made or been given to see where interests were. This week the primary focus was teaching a multistrand tiered necklace with crimp beads for spacing. This technique birthed a different multistrand necklace and two interesting single strand ones from the crafters. In addition, one of my earring students has gotten even better and has gotten down the idea of earrings matching and made some nice stuff. This time I failed to get many pictures of the end products but have a few of us making stuff.

some of the new beads

some of the new beads

Squishing crimp beads

Squishing crimp beads

the three regular jewelry makers

the three regular jewelry makers


We have 2 crafters who do painting on cloth. The pieces I have seen include bedsheets, bedskirts and table clothes. Currently they are painting on somethign akin to broadcloth with very bold flowers for the most part and using what they’ve said is a waterbased colorfast washable paint. Does anyone have any ideas for a way to use this skill for something more appealing to consumers or have any ideas of what paint we could get here to paint on cloth?

Resilient Craft provides opportunities for refugees in the western suburbs of Chicago to use and learn crafting skills to earn extra income. Resilient Craft holds sales at community venues such as churches. If you have a suggestion or would like to hold a sale please email resilient craft at .

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