Batches of Weddings- the quest for pearls

I’ve been posting less because I got my first batch orders :). I was really excited about 2 weeks ago to get a request for 13 bracelet and earrings sets for a wedding party. If that wasn’t enough, about 48 hours later I got another request from a different bride for 5 sets of the same bracelets! It was completely thrilling and I’m really glad they each let me part of their special day.

The bracelet:

Copper Chocolate- bracelet

Copper Chocolate- bracelet

The earrings:

Copper Chocolate - earrings

Copper Chocolate - earrings

I spent huge amounts of time tracking down the materials, which was no easy task. The small boutique shop I get many of my beads from didn’t have enough of the pearls or the spacers and wasn’t particularly clear about any policy for ordering. It took 6 days before the pearl company got their act together and put the pearl order in for us. 6 Days! in a two week time frame that is simply unacceptable.

Luckily I had already been calculating alternative arrangements for the bracelets with less large pearls and found some small ones to add to the ends which still looked really cute. Unfortunately this also meant more decisions for an already busy bride, which I feel bad about, but I’m so glad I figured out a way to get it all done in time (just incase) things didn’t come in when they should. I always want to have a plan I can be sure of.

Original on left, New on right

Original on left, New on right

Getting the copper spacers was a whole different game. The shop said they couldn’t get them. So, I got the name of the company that makes them. After calling a couple of other shops in the area, I decided to look up the company so I could see if they could tell me what other shops carry them. It seemed like a logical thing to do. However, the next shop that carried anything by that brand was in another state about 2.5 hours away. But, the company decided they might as well get an order out of the predicament and called the bead shop to convince them to place an order. I feel bad that the shop got this pressure and it definitly wasn’t my intent, but it worked out in the end. I was at the shop the next day when they placed the order. They confirmed the delivery date with me and it was entirely what I needed, Monday or Tuesday, excellent.

Monday was a holiday. Tuesday, no spacers. After looking up the order, we found it didn’t ship until Columbus Day. Waited til Wednesday, no spacers. I must be blessed because somehow, after taing everything I had apart and buying every spacer at the store, I managed to get all of the spacers for the 13 piece order exactly. Well I thought I was two short, so my gift to the bride was two spacers short. After shipping it I found 2 more. The pearls came Friday. I packed up the order Friday, working til nearly midnight. And since I was presenting at a workshop on Saturday, my husband mailed it out for me. And the bride should have gotten it this past week for her wedding tomorrow. Done!


The wedding colors included chocolate brown and gold, so I made the packaging match accordingly.




The spacers didn’t come Friday, no call Saturday, Monday or Tuesday. So, Tuesday I called. I found out whoever was filling in failed to callme when they came in. However, yet another mishap, they sent the wrong ones (or the wrong ones got ordered, who knows). So, being down to the wire and having almost no time left to make and send the bracelets before my deadline, I was frustrated to say the least. They said they didn’t really know whatto do. I suggested perhaps if its the company’s fault they could overnight them for me, which in teh end is what happened. So spacers, Wednesday, 2 weeks after I first asked. Made and packaged them all that day and UPS held the truck so I could send them. Mishap number two, I had gotten my shipping estimates for ‘DC area’, when I ended up shipping to VA. DC is two days, VA is 3 days. Why? No clue. But that means Monday delivery instead of Friday. Quite disapointing, but it should still work. I hope everything gets there safely and the bridal party loves their bracelets.
I thought I had pictures of these as well but I can’t seem to find them at the moment. But this bride’s colors were chocolate brown and light pink so hers were all packaged using pink satin and I altered my stickers so that everything that was orange was pink and tied them with brown and pink ribbon.

So the shop thinks they now know how to do special orders and follow ups better. And they assured me that next time it won’t be this much of a hassel.
I’m really glad everything got done on time and I hope everyone loves the jewelry. I think the brides made great choices ;). I hope I get to do more things like this. I have no problem working to get stuff done and hopefully next time it will go more smoothly now that I know how things work.

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