This year, like every other year, we carved pumpkins. We went to a farm about 40 minutes away to pick some pumpkin. Around here ‘pick’ still just means go take one from the massive pile of pumpkins, something I still find dissapointing compared to the traditional hayride in New England, tripping over vines and pokey things to find your pumpkin a good couple hundred yards away in a big field. Anyway, we got pumpkins. I actually got two. One of them was this fascinating peanut like shape with huge viens through the top I thought I would make into a bird’s talon’s grabbing the pumpkin. The otehr was a much more reasonably size, quite round but square cute one. My husband got one that was a good 35 pounds and round and wide.

my peanut shaped pumpkin (and some cider)

my peanut shaped pumpkin (and some cider)

This weekend was pumpkin carving weekend. We had kept the pumpkins in the car to keep them cool and because we didn’t ahve a place to store pumpkins inside. To my dismay when we got to the pumpkincarving party, my larger most interesting pumpkin was found to be squishy on it’s top side. We found the next day when we removedit from the back seat that it was far more gone than simply squishy. Serious disapointment but I suppose the decay could have been worse. A tiny mishap perhaps?

It took me a long time to decide what to do with my cute round pumpkin. I normally do something I tend to be fairly proud of, always free hand and typically more than simply a face. Last year I did a bulldog (though it was easily mistaken for a tiger) and the year before a very ferocious pirana pumpkin (yesyes the spelling) which went on to be featured in a short fillm where it fought with my research text book.In college I had done a myriad of complex spiderwebs, creatures and of course faces.

poorly done bulldog/tiger:

Bulldog, 2008

Bulldog, 2008

'Pirana Pumpkin'

'Pirana Pumpkin'

This animation is all I could find of PIrana Pumpkin. You don’t getthe full effect. It had detailed scales, fins, spines and a tail. There must be a proper picture somewhere…

I wish pumpkin carving was more accepted year round and that pumpkins were available year round. But then I suppose it would loose some of the intrigue.  [Why not carve watermelons in summer? ] I think it’d be awesome to be a professional carver, but I know that’d probably steal some of the fun away as well.

Needless to say, this year’s went a bit more traditional but I think it still has some character. I tried out the idea for the talons but it didn’t go quite the way I was intending and this pumpkin didn’t ahve nearly the pronounced veins as my other. I found a squishy spot on the front of this one as well but it played into the features of the mouth quite nicely.



My husband went for a traditional face inspired by the pumpkin king pumpkin at the beginning of the Nightmare before Christmas. It is quite menacing. And given it’s only the third pumpkin he’s ever carved, it’s quite marvelous.



His is made doubly eerie by the super bright LED flashlight that’s lighting it up in the above pictures. I’m working on a way to keep something like that lighting them up for Halloween next week. I’ll have to update with pictures with the lights on as well.

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