Halloween Decorating- highlighters rock

I adore Halloween. It’s one of the best creative outlets that exists. It’s all about the DIY, the creative, the interesting, at least for me. I made our costumes, as usual (Sally and Jack from the Nightmare before Christmas) and I decorated quite a bit for our party. A lot of the ‘decorations’ we end up liking so much we keep them year round. Here are a couple of my favorites from this year.

The first, and my newest pursuit involves black lights and highlighters. Most of us know (and if you don’t you’ll probably want to run out and try it) that highlighter fluid is one of the best things to glow under a black light. I also love that on many surfaces you don’t readily notice highlighter under normal light conditions, like glass, non white paper and of course skin (even better if you rinse your skin after, then you don’t see it at all btu it still glows). So, the idea I had initially was to get a picture or a window, draw a scary face on it and get a flickering black light that woudl only occassionally show off the picture. Well, I couldn’t get a flickering black light but we found a mini adjustable timing black light that I could set to fairly slow. I set this up on a small table where I had placed a magazine I had drawn on with highlighter and several small glass spice bottles I’d written on and drawn faces on. It worked fairly well. You don’t notice at first but once you do, it’s quite intriguing. Faces appear on bottles and on the magazine when the black light is on and disapear when it is off. It’s quite simple but rather cool. I hope to expand the concept next year.

Here’s a quick shot,  hopefully I’ll figureo ut who has the video and post that too…


The second, is our front hall display. This one stays up in some fashion for most of the year. It’s a collection of Venetian Style Masquerade Masks I collected primarily with our wedding planning (masquerade wedding) and some other I’d made or gotten. I tried to make it creepier for the party and the electric tealights make for nice lighting.



Above this was a very large ( like 4 foot) spider web with a spider and several masks stuck in it. (picture won’t load right)

Beyond this I had up our typical window covering (white net lights with sheer fabric with black velvet flowers over it). Need a picture… And then had a cauldron of squid monsters:



skeleton hands and dead flowers:


O wordpress why do you keep flipping my pictures sideways? On the computer they are verticle, in wordpress they becom ehorizontal, flip it in the editor, corp it in editor, save it and it insert it’s own silly version anyway. So I guess turn your head to see that one. Not worth editing in Photoshop atm.

And here are some soda bottle with home made and dollarstore store labels and our punchbowl with a small electronic fog machine with floating coffins.



And there’s more but pictures are not cooperating today. Hopefully next year I’ll do more with some fancier efects and things. I missed our ‘drop in neighbor’, a body that hangs partially through the ceiling of the bathroom like someone fell in. I might bring that one back next time.


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