Pumpkin Decay- the Ultrafuzz, not for the squeamish

In my last post I showed you our carved pumpkins. We were quite happy with them. However, the pumpkin crop here in IL has been most terrible this year. And it may be related or not but we had some of the most phenomenal, rapid, spontaneous pumpkin decay I’ve ever seen.

The pumpkins were fine when I went to work that Monday morning. I came home in the afternoon to find the large pumpkin like this: (if you can’t handel icky things, DO NOT LOOK AT THE PICTURES.

This is the eye:


The whole face didn’t fare much better:


The top had fallen in and the entire inside was covered in fuzy white webs:


You really don’t get the full effect from the pictures. There were several candles inside. You couldn’t see them anymore on account of the fuzz…

My pumpkin decayed like a normal pumpkin. It got wrinkles and shriveled and because of its mouth looked particularly like an old person. (need to find pictures still)

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