New Earring Boxes

I’ve been looking for new ways to package leverback earrings. I’ve been using cards cut in different ways but it never looks as nice as I feel like it could. I use satin lined boxes and the cardstock just pales in the comparison to the luxurious feel of the satin. I feel silly covering it up. I also find that lever backs in particular are difficult to get to stay nicely on a card. It’s never quite right. So I got to thinking about alternative options.

What I came up with is a ribbon box. I don’t know that I’ve seen this anywhere before but it seems completely logical. I stretched a piece of my brown ribbon across an earring box and glue it on the bottom. Then I poked two holes in the ribbon and simply hung the earrings through the wholes on the ribbon. I added the top and bottom of my earring card with my shop name and URl on it to the box and it doesn’t look half bad. Here it is:

Then I needed to solve the issue of the earrings possibly clanging together. To do this I just tucked the scrap ribbon into the box with one earring on top and one on the bottom so the ribbon sits between them preventing them from rubbing against each other.

(that loose end gets tucked in too)

I normally tie them up wth two ribbons witha  bow in the center. For this one I tied the box up with a single brown ribbon lined up with the one glued to the box and tied it in a bow.

I’m still working on it and change up my packaging regularly, but for now at least I’ve got options for the more difficult to card earrings.

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