Outfit me Etsy, Decor for Gatherings in Disguise

Beings that Halloween is perhaps my favorite holiday and one that lets anyone be seriously creative, I’ve probably been thinking about it since last year. Yesterday I put together a few etsy treasuries showcasing groups of fun creepy seasonally appropriate items to share.

We all know their are different types of parties and one odd one that occurs year round is the zombie party. SO if you happen to be thinking about just such a thing check out these etsy picks that will help you set the scene, and make you jump when the movies are off.

Zombie Party

  • Severed Zombie Finger tart melts

    $5.95 USD

  • “please specify if you want your fingers with or without blood and cuts. No two fingers are alike as they are hand painted injuries!”
  • Haha, great description. Mind you these are decorative scented item, not tarts like the kind you eat. No chowing down on the fingers ;).

View the full original treasury here

For those who like something more traditional, but not childish, check out these-


Halloween Party

  • Set of 4 Spook'alicious Fun Halloween Bottle Labels Self adhesive Witchs Brew Pirate Poison Ravens Blood Midnight Mead YOU PICK color
  • $5.25 USD
  • I’ve used and made a wide variety of odd labels for parties and they always go over really well and get compliments. Try these out on whatever you are serving. Put them on odd bottles and its even better.
  • Toe Pincher Coffin (Halloween)

    $75.00 USD

  • because you aren’t goign to build that coffin yourself are you? Use year in and year out, store your decorations or costumes in it in the off season, hide inside and spook your friend, or use a dummy and piece of string ;).

Full treasury here

Or you might be looking for something a little eerie, creepy that makes people wonder if your place is just like this year round, near stylish spooky decor with an air of victorian oddities.

Spook in Style

  • Happy Halloween Vintage Style Gift Tags/Labels with Glitter-SET of 6-Ribbon Choice Available

    $7.65 USD

  • There’s got to be something you could use these for right? Crafty DIY handing out candy bags to trick or treaters, goodies bags, favors, just tagging your guests with them, incorporation into some simple but odd party game?
  • Real Scary fangs Halloween Spider Framed Opelma minax 2551

    $69.99 USD

  • eeek, small enough to only be noticed after they’ve been near it for a while, creepy enough to make them jump and you know somebody who would want it on their wall or desk year round…
  • Pre-Sale, Handblown Glass Pumpkin, Midnight Harvest

    $25.00 USD

  • Beautiful, can be used in a variety of places and is reminiscent of the black ceramic pumpkin I made in grade school. Not that they look the same beyond the color though, as this is a supremely elegant pumpkin and could certainly go beyond halloween parties. Like a pumpkin in a long black evening gown.

Full treasury here




More to come…


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