…Inspired by the beauty in tiny mishaps and searching for a kind of pretty you havent seen before…

A place for updates, catching up and continuing on the search. I’ll show you the tiny mishaps that have made some pretty cool things, new mishaps as I find them as well as show and item updates, creative pursuits and updates on how much money I’ve raised for World Relief DuPage.

Remember 10% of my sales (not profits, total sales) on tinymishaps.etsy.com get donated to World Relief DuPage to help with the resettlement of refugees in DuPage County, IL.

Unless stated otherwise, work shown on here are my own creative pursuits and I retain copyright to them. I expect you to respect that and not use them for your own creative pursuits, personal or other financial or other gain in anyway. Want to show your friends? Great! link them to me! If you repost anywhere be sure to tell me where 🙂 and give credit where due.


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