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Scooby Dooby New – the Etsyfication of those meddling kids

Out of cartoons and boredom we get posts like this. What would a modern day Velma look like? Let us consider the etsyfication of those meddling kids. These collections bring together things they might choose with things that maintain the look and feel of the characters… So I bring you the Meddling Kids Collections- Modern Collections inspired by those meddling kids. Are you a Daphney or a Velma, a Fred or a Shaggy?  And yes, Scooby is missing for the moment…

Velma- Luckily nerdy is quite in and Velma would likely be quite trendy. Who doesn’t love a smart chick in glasses and tons of orange?


In full treasury form here- http://www.etsy.com/treasury/Nzg2NjUxN3w1Mzg5MTEwMjM/velma?index=4

For the fashionista who loves purple. Orchid is a top fall color so I guess Daphney’s got that one down…


For the original preppy boy…


And for the  totally laid back dude whose best bud is a great dane…



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the Dark, the elegant and the subtle

Hooked on the dark, the elegant and the subtle

Dark Elegance

The kind of dress you swirl, twirl and run in



A few of my Favorited Things

Subtle Lovelys

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My first Etsy Treasury… addict in the making?

I finally made a treasury, and seeing that they take about 1/100 maybe of the time it takes to create an outfit me post, I think it’s likely I’ll do it again. You can see the images below but you don’t quite get the feel. So check out the whole treasury here:


and post comments on it about how you think my first attempt came out :).

Copper Amber Sunrise

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Thump Thump

Whether you think it says thump thump, thud thud, pitter patter or I love you, hearts are everywhere at this time of year and they say a lot of different things. I’ve never been a huge fan of the cutesy geometric heart shape but I have an affinity for the anatomical one that beats inside creatures.

In college, it became a regular mini-obsession in my art and I had quite big, if not horribly emo, plans on creating a massive muti-room installation that paralleled blood flow through the chambers of the heart with the cycles of love and loss (something you may still see me do some day).

If nothing else I am still intrigued by the shape, form and function of the human heart and its complexity. Here’s a few of my own anatomical heart based creations and then we’ll look at a smattering of the myriad of ways its popped up recently including the lovey dovey, the squishy, the odd, the beautiful, the wearable and the DIY.

I think the first heart I made was a patchwork piece made of fake red leather, a deep red maroon. I created a form, probably of stuffing and wrapped it in duct tape form medium of choice as always) and then carefully hand sewed the heart together. This little piece was fun, detailed and durable (like an odd football and similar in size). I’d love to make more and have them be specifically for that purpose ;). I really like hand sewing, especially when it yields something neat at the end. Eventually, on account of college art classes bing based on specific assignments, I had to incorporate the heart into a larger piece, which ended up including an oversized aluminum guitar and a welded cage flashlight…It was really the heart I was, and am still, the most interested in, though the whole piece is alright too.

close up of heart

I wish I could find a good pic of just the heart itself… For scale that ‘guitar’ is aluminum and about 5+’ tall and 8?” thick front to back.

So one of the things I’ve wanted to do is make glass hearts. I have a few different sizes and purposes in mind. I was told many of the sizes (small to medium) were really not going to work for the glass process and that it must be much larger than I had initially wanted. So, to this end I first sculpted a anatomical heart out of clay. I really loved some of the detail I got on it too. That was during one of several summers I stayed at college on a grant.

In the summer in central NY you’ll often find it the mud season. It gets incredibly hot, immensely humid and you get rain. During the time I was working on the clay stage of the heart, they were also working on the roof of my studio. It was interesting. Occasionally, they’d drop something through a skylight and I’d hand i back up to them. One day I came into the studio and found a beautiful if not peculiar and worrisome sight. It was raining, in the studio. A large sky light had been left uncovered and here it was raining inside. It was fascinating and I regret that I did not have my camera at the time. I quickly made sure my uncured clay was well out of splatter range. Everything turned out alright and I think it stopped raining eventually.

So after the cay hart was completely I reluctantly covered it in liquid latex, plaster and burlap to make a mold. After making and cleaning the mold I made several (6 or 7?) wax hearts using the mold. The first being made with recycled motor oil mixed with a cherry wax. It smelled pretty terrible and some of the overly friendly/inquisitive (read smarmy/creepy) seasonal cleaning folks became significantly less once they thought it was animal blood (which of course it was not). The rest of the hearts used much more cherry than motor oil wax, which was much more pleasant.  After wrestling all of these out of the mold I made plaster/silica molds out of them, all but the motor oil heart, destroyign the hearts in the process. These molds were supposed to be used to make the glass hearts, but my glass blower moved to China and I failed to track down another. I also made a foam version with my mold and hope to make some out of other materials. Anyhow, here’s the surviving heart-

recycled motoroil wax hear

Some detail is lost with each level, so the wax heart doesn’t have quite as much detail as the clay one. But it is still interesting. That heart is big enough for you to hug, and 2 feet maybe tall?

When I was studying and creating in south France, I made a tiny, fit in the palm of your hand heart out of an odd white, very unexpectedly light weight, plasticy clay/dough. I really am not sure what the stuff is. If you have any idea, I’d love to know. Again I made a plaster mold, which lost vast amounts of the detail compared to the white heart. I cast several hearts in clay and them air dry. (these I would love to make in glass!) I still have the mold and one surviving heart as well and may actually make more of these since I can cast them fairly easily.

The hearts I made in France became part of a project/installation for our final show where I had a shelf of air dried clay hearts and a shelf of olive jars filled with one. The way it was supposed to work was that one heart would be dropped into the water each day of the show and dissolve. As they dissolved, the heart would bubble at a regular interval like a beat. Eventually it would crumble and become a pile of clay in the jar. Unfortunately, on opening night several ppl dumped hearts into the water, which somewhat worked as well. I have video somewhere of what it looks like when they dissolve. If I find it, I’ll have to amend this. So you can see.

But it doesn’t end at sculpted hearts. I have countless paintings, some abstract some not, some 5 or 6 feet high and some small as well as drawings. This is one of my favorites. I don’t know if there is a name for this type of drawing or these line patterns but it’s something I do a lot, sometimes involuntarily.

These are all older pieces of mine. I’ve been surprised by the number of things one can find on etsy when searching for anatomical hearts.

And clearly I’m not the only one making hearts. They are all over the place used in puns and art and cards. Like these:

Wood You Keep My Heart 8 x 10 print by blockpartyprints on etsy

Anatomical Heart Block Print Card - My Heart_ You Have It- Light Yellow by PrintByMRB on etsy

El Corazon Anatomical I heart You Valentine's Day Card by VoodooDollDesigns on etsy

Hip Heart You by SweetDee on etsy

Anatomical Blank Cards Set of 4 with Envelopes by CrowBiz on Etsy

I adore some of the more art and illustration representations as well, with this being a favorite by far, especially being a printmaker

Antique style Anatomical Heart Lithograph LIGHTBOX by munstre on etsy

sadly, but great for Munstre, this lightbox, and it would appear the whole shop, is currently sold out (or possibly on vacation but there’s no indication of that)? The image will link to the shop for now and I strongly encourage you to check it out. MUNSTRE creates stunningly beautiful work in these lightboxes and you will want to see more for sure.

Custom Order --- Heart of Gold, ANATOMICAL HEART SERIES 12 x 12 Original Textured Artwork by Donna David by theInvitation on etsy

And if paint and light aren’t your kind of decor, how about tile? Hang it up or use it as a regular tile for something truly unique.

Anatomical Heart Tile by firewoodfurniture on etsy

I don’t know exactly where to categorize this one- decor? art? practicality? But it is definitely one not to be passed up:

My heART is your pinata 1 Sculpture by JenniferPod on Etsy
Check out her shop for plenty more heart shaped goodies…
And I’m not the only one into plush hearts-

Anatomical black heart plush by batteriesnotincluded on etsy

love them :). And if you aren’t into black check out the rest of the shop for red ones too and last I checked you could even get a set of one red and one black.

and I’m fond of this ‘Ghost Heart’ as well

Plush anatomical heart GHOST by shannongerard on etsy

Check out the rest of the shop, you are sure to be fascinated. And if you aren’t looking for a ghost heart you can also find a vampire heart and what may be a human heart as well.

Art, plush and cards aren’t the only places we find hearts. There’s even practical heart shaped items, like soap…

HEART ON- Anatomically Correct Heart Soap - POMEGRANANTE Scent - VEGAN by dugshop on etsy

Cool shape, color and scent, mmm pomegranate and it’s vegan too! And you’ll see once you click through, it has all that without a crazy price.

I give you my heart - anatomically correct heart box set glycerin soap merlot wine scented by kcsoapsnmore on etsy

And if you prefer wine to fruit scents try these equally fun affordable soaps above.

And equally practical and fascinating is this spoon rest. Who knew displaying an organ could keep your counter/stove clean?

Black Heart on White Spoon Rest Handpainted OoaK by HeartMarks on Etsy

And, as you look through this shop, you’ll notice it’s part of a set :).

Practical and yet wearable-

Recycled Classic Tote- Anatomical Heart by thecraftpantry on etsy

vintage anatomical drawing of the human heart messenger _ laptop bag by CraftieRobot on etsy

Anatomical HEart Cufflinks by LittleAngelsJewelry on etsy

And then there’s a vast array of wearable-

Anatomical Heart FiveCameo Stretch Bracelet by joolzhayworth on etsy

Anatomical Heart Locket 18 inch chain by heronadornment on ETsy

These lockets are an absolute favorite for me for wearable hearts since it gives you the outside and the fascinating inside. Check out heronadornment on etsy for many variations including half hearts, whole hearts, lockets, different chain lengths and a variety of metals.

another really neat wearable piece:

Anatomical Heart Silver Bracelet by AzureeAlice on Etsy

Talk about a ticker..

Antique Worn Brass Anatomically Correct Human Heart- Industrial Steampunk- Pendant _ Necklace by monsterkookies on etsy

I simply adore this one (above) . The work, the detail the fascinating combination of shapes. From the shop announcement: ” Although they look like metal, don’t be fooled – they are completely handsculpted from polymer clay!” would you have thought? And MonserKookies has so many more heart variations. Do go check out that shop.

I like the name on this next one and that it’s got a different interpretation than many of the others-

Cardio by missyindustry on etsy

Lovely silverwork indeed

And if you prefer copper, try this one

Heart Necklace oxidized copper by liliancrowe on etsy

but it appears to have sold now, so might I recommend the gunmetal variety the image is linked to? There’s also an antique gold colored one and some other intriguing pieces in her shop you should see.

And if metal isn’t your thing, how about rubber?

rubber anatomical human heart necklace by snew on etsy

And if you’re not into black, there’s a massive variety of colors available in that one.

Now for some more color and cameos…

Cameo collection ANATOMICAL HEART IN COLOR by wickedgems on etsy

Stunning and fascinating don’t you think? Note that the shop is in vacation mode until March 1st so you won’t be able to get your hands on it until then.

clear oval pendant with red anatomical heart by affixment on etsy

Kinda of wish I knew more about that one, but it’s fascinating anyway.

For more colorful hearts check out Saucerville’s Hearts which is giving away sparkling heart pendants with $10+ orders.

And wearing your heart doesn’t need to mean jewelry

Anatomically Correct Heart Illustration TShirt Red by darkcycleclothing on etsy

Perhaps at this point, your creativity is tingling to get working on something  and you love this anatomical heart stuff but aren’t sure what to do. Check out these DIY ideas to help you get started.

If you want thorough instructions and a completed product all from one box check this out

Anatomical Heart Needle Felting Kit by fancytiger on etsy

If you just want to make something but are having trouble with the detailed drawing of the heart, why not just use a stamp like this

Anatomical Heart Illustration Rubber by AsspocketProductions on etsy

Or these colorful stickers also by snew (rubber heart above)

handmade Anatomical Heart stickers set of 20 by snew on etsy

And if you want to get started on something right away, go digital with these digital collage sheets:

Antique Anatomical ILlustrations Human Hearts by paperstreet on etsy

Digital Collage Sheet Anatomical Heart 055 Set of two by TUGoneDigital on etsy

Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. So, if you stumble across something unique and intriguing do share! The complexity that beats within you is there daily, be fascinated.

PS- musically, until I can find or make something using real heart beats, try pitterpatter goes my heart by broken social scene.


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Outfit Me Etsy with Spats & Legwarmers

This is a post I meant to put up back in November. But it still holds true, I have always adored legwarmers and loved the spats in old school cartoons. So, I’m completely thrilled that spats have become something available and wearable now and that legwarmers seem to be branching out to near spat like proportions in ways that would make them ideal for the way I like to wear them.

In the fall and winter especially, I love to wear boots or anything warm. However, you can’t always wear boots and there’s plenty of super cute shoes in your closet. So, how do you make them cool or cold weather appropriate? Wear legwarmers or spats! They also solve the problem of the unsightly break between pants and shoes that you get when sitting or crossing your legs and keeps the chill away when wearing lower cut shoes and well they just look cool. Whether you wear them with pants or shorts or skirts, for practicality, for fashion or fun, spats and new shaped legwarmers are sure to be a favorite accessory.

Here are some of my favorites. Check out these shops for a huge a variety.

charcoal spats with hot pink lining size small by faitavec on etsy

I love plenty of the stuff at Faitavec on etsy and they have some of the most versatile and stylish spats and I like the way they are styled in the shots too.

chocolate woven spats with copper snaps size medium by faitvec on etsy

Pleated Spats by Fabulize on etsy

Fabulize on etsy has a variety of shorter stylish spats.

Midnight Waves SPats by Fabulize on etsy

Midnight Waves Spats by Fabulize on etsy

Gizelle-Pinstripe spats w_ leather ruffle and Silver buttons by ashesandempires on etsy

Ashes and empires also has some lovely short spats. The short spats aren’t just for girls though, check out these spats for guys and find more like them at dashandbag:

Original Black Wool Spats by dashandbag on etsy

There’s also a variety of unisex spats out there, many military inspired. Check these out:

Cruikshank Spats Unisex Large Weathered by StraughtRazorSlasher on etsy

They are definitely some of the most versatile.

And I thought these were quite neat. You’ll find a wide variety at this shop as well:

Papel Picado Spats Black and White Unisex Medium by StraightRazorSlasher on etsy

And if you’d prefer something warmer, like a knit check out these (and this shop for more):

Faux Boot Legwarmers in Wood Brown with Spat Style Buttons by LeshasWorkshop on etsy

They are the bridge between spat and legwarmer. The final ones I have to share are legwarmers for sure but are too interesting to pass up. They are super tall and they lace up. In this shop you’ll find a variety of sizes colors and heights. They can be worn over shoes or boots or inside boots for versatile looks. I especially love that part of them. And apparently socks under boots in ‘in’ now, so you can bring it a step further with these. They are quite feminine and pretty as well.

Thigh High Lace Up Leg Warmers in Grey by Sannica on ETsy

That’s all for now. There’s a just a quick smattering of styles and shops for you to check out. If you find some other cool examples, post them in the comments to share!

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Oops, where have I been… Updates & Statements

I kept thinking, Surely I will update this. I was going to do a Winter themed outfit me post, and several others and well, it gets terribly busy around the holidays and around the start of a new semester and most places in between. I do so wish there was a quicker easier way to do the outfit me posts because I’d certainly do them much faster. And I had some update but then the cord for my camera broke and it took me quite a long time to find a proper card reader for it.  So, I’ll try to get some stuff up in the next week or so.

Current updates:

I still very much need to get the sewing machine fixed, eitehr one of them. I launched creatureness.etsy.com . Which will be a place for my creature based creations like the squid monsters. I have sooo many ideas for things I want to make and have made several prototypes. But then, of course, the sewing machine broke for the 3 or 4th time. I got one to replace it, used, which worked for about 4 stitches. I thought I’d fixed that one, but then it coudln’t spin a bobbin, so I spun one by hand only to find out that the sewing machine doesn’t work at all. At least I gt a great sewing cabinet and stool out of it. Currently, I’m trying to decide if getting another bobbin casing will be worth it or if it will simply destroy it like the last few. I think it may be time for a new sewing machine.

But anyhow, creatureness, I’m excited. I only have a few things up but I already have 1 sale, which was lots of fun. Boxchicken, on the other hand, I have been neglecting, which is unfortunate because the boxchicken cards for valentine’s day are certainly among my favorites. I also have GIF animation (horribly rudimentary like a messy flipbook) but I like them anyway. I’m contemplating offering printables at Boxchicken. This might be easier than keeping a stack of printed stock taking up space and would get them to people faster. I’d love to find out more about how people do this. And there will finally be boxchicken plush once I figure out the whole sewing machine thing.

I’m looking for a new place to buy the white jewelry boxes I use. The last batch I got was only half useable. I’m also looking for a supplier for boxes, (or I may need to make some, possibly pearl folder style), for my new statement necklaces. This is very much the way my jewelry making is going. I have a bunch of other ideas too. With many of them, I am struggling to find quality materials that are affordable and that will do what I want them to do. After getting faulty crimp beads and wire at some point, I’m quite skeptical of materials at the moment.

Here’s some pics of the new pieces. You can find more on my flickr account (the start of the silver & grey binge) or facebook page (statement necklaces) too.

The first one I started experimenting with is a red piece made of fossil. It’s made with a woven design and is the first piece I tried like this. It looks great and the fossil isn’t as heavy as if it was glass or stone, but the necklace is by no means light weight even those it has a very airy feel. I wanted to put this one up immediately, but the back is less than ideal, though still completely wearable. So, it is not for sale. Though, if someone really wanted it, I’d be happy to pass it on too ;). For now I’m wearing it. By doing so I can test the sturdiness of the construction and see if it will continue to hold before I make similar pieces. Expect one made in aquamarine pearls…

The necklace that reminds me of a red berry wreath:

Woven Berry Necklace

I love the sophistication of this piece and how it would just work in a  variety of situations. It’s very wearable for a wide audience. It can easily be worn o work, with a cute top to go out with friends or with a strapless dress for a special occassion. One of the things I really like about jewelry in general is how it transforms you look. You can wear the same outfit but accessorize it differently to completely transform it. Something that seemed boring and drab can become alive and situation appropriate with the right accessories. I also like pieces that have significant wear-time. Though, there are certainly plenty of things I like to have even if I just wear them occasionally or they complete a certain look or are really special, I love the pieces that you can just wear with anything and it boosts the look and gives you confidence. Like your favorite pair of jeans, a favorite necklace or pair of earrings can just make you look great and give you confidence, regardless of what else you might be wearing.


And this red berry necklace gave me a chance to use one of my favorite clasps that I’ve been hanging on to for months now:


I like box clasps, what can I say. They tend to give a really finished look and many of them are really interesting. I have a hard time finding clasps that I really like but they can completely make or break a look it seems. If you know of a great supplier for interesting (and somewhat affordable) clasps let me know!

Here’s another that I’m pretty happy with:

‘Stormy’ is by far my favorite, I think…

Stormy- Deatial

stormy- full


I love the clasp on this one. It’s rhodium plated (non tarnishing yay!) and CZ and it completes the necklace just as I’d want it to. This is such a huge necklace! I could never display it without my new stand that you see in the picture. It has made such a difference in photographing, building and storing necklaces.

And this necklace, Plum Point Fringe, I adore the deep colors and the simple yet dramatic statement it makes. If I can find the shell fringe again, I’ll be making one for myself ;).


Plum Point Fringe, Statement Necklace

So there are a few of my favorite new things. I’ll post another, maaaybe, with the new pink and brass earrings. There are a few other statement necklaces in the shop including two with white/ivory/cream loops. But there’s something for now.

In other news ‘flock’ has been doing remarkably well making the rounds on several blogs, the storque and a squidoo lens on weddings.

Flock- hanging cut paper sculpture

(more pictures here on flickr)

Hopefully, I’ll post more on sculptures, perhaps show you the ones that aren’t for sale and some of the experiments. Paka for now.

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It’s Harvest Time- Outfit Me Etsy!

With Thanksgiving coming in a few days, this post is to give you some ideas get those preparations in order. It’s a bit longer than others as there were too many different things to consider, and believe me I didn’t hit them all or include all the nifty things I found. But here we go.
First, You might as well be sure to dress functional and cute as you cook. So you’ll need an apron. Check these out

The class, the festive, the reversible, the his and hers

reversible chocolate brown and thanksgiving turkey apron by daffofillies on etsy


Or if you want something super chic cute and classy try something by bambinoamore like this

The elegant eloise vintage inspired enchanted apron by bambinoamore on etsy

The elegant eloise vintage inspired enchanted apron by bambinoamore on etsy

(I want a bambinoamore apron in my kitchen)

or for those of you who want something more rugged, durable, and multipurpose or if you’ll be cooking your turkey over open flame of in a bucket of oil you best look into getting one of these


Leather Work Apron by CyclonaDesigns on Etsy

Takes me back to welding class…

Then you will need to get cooking. I bake bread so I’d be looking for a bread pan like this

Bread Pan by TheVillageIdiot on etsy

Bread Pan by TheVillageIdiot on etsy

And if you don’t cook you can cheat by bringing some of these

Chocolate Winter Spice Crinkle Cookies 2 Baker's Dozen by FancyThatCookies on etsy

Chocolate Winter Spice Crinkle Cookies 2 Baker's Dozen by FancyThatCookies on etsy

And if you’ve got some of ‘man’s best friends’ try these

MiniPumpkin Muffins by Organic Doggy on Etsy

(for dogs of course…)

Or perhaps some acorns

100 lovely natural acorn bottoms by MonkeysOnTheRoof on etsy

Or if you want to go a simpler route how about some berries and serve them in this elegant berry bowl (didn’t know there was such a thing).

Winding Branch - Berry Bowl by mepottery on etsy

Now I know they exist I see a gap in my serving ware…

And if you’re looking for other fascinating serving ware how about these spoons with a twist, literally

Basic Kitchen Set - wooden utensils salad spoon fork and spatula by SlightlyTwistedWood on etsy

And perhaps some cherry

Hardcarved cherrywood spoon by heroncovewoodcarving on etsy

and keeping on the wood theme perhaps you’d find a spreader useful

Mini Wooden Spreader by firewoodfurniture on etsy

But if you’re like me you appreciate the fascinating as much as the practical and will be interested in these

Puzzle Two Spoons Set by GoodWoodDogs on etsy

And if you just want something a little different at your place settings consider these (not for vegans)

DeNatura Three Small Serving Spoons Cowhorn Flatware by DeNatura on etsy

Now perhaps you’ll be traveling for Thanksgiving. Maybe to a home you haven’t been to or maybe to one you’ve been a thousand times. Whether it’s for decor in your own home or a hostess gift you may want to check these out.

Keep the harvest going throughout the home with this natural organic soap

Calendula Sage Organic 4 oz Soap BarVegan by JenSanCandles on Etsy

For the craft types perhaps pick up this pattern and make a turkey boy to enjoy the festivities with you

Chrochet Pattern- Chester the turkey boy by Owlishly on etsy


And you’ll want these with all the stray glasses around the house

Autumn leaves coaster set by Vijako on etsy

And for some serious Autumn decor or a glowing hostess gift try this

Woodland Splendor- Woodsy Autumn Leaf Candle Holder by LaBellaCandela on etsy

And what will you wear?

It needs to be comfy, versatile layerable and warm so try out these tops and cowls

I adore this first pairing

soft short sleeve top by larimeloon on etsy

Nerves of Steel Cowl by fringe on etsy

fringe has got to make some of my favorite everything. I always have to be careful not to include multiple items from that shop.

I also adore the wrap? sweater?

The Year Round Wrap in Chocolate by hipknotz on etsy

And perhaps you might consider these other unique neck pieces as well

rusty orange scarflette by knme on etsy

I like the closures on these

oversized chunky urban cowl knitted in a shade of coffee mocha brown by VitalTemptation on etsy

(the title on that one is much longer with more details…)


And of course accesories…

Here are some harvest hearty, warm autumn accessories to go with the above pieces or whatever you might have

leaf cuff by paintedmetal on etsy

Love this cuff, so simple and strong

Fall Harvest Bracelet by BellaBeachJewelry on Etsy

yellow and red spot Boro Pendant Necklace by SerendipityByErin on etsy

And if you’ve been admiring those fancy serving spoons year after year how about a bracelet made from one…

Vintage Patina Serving Spoon Bracelet by erinschock on etsy

And if your bringing acorns, why not wear one…

Sweet Acorn Necklace Copper Leaf on Brass Chain by RhondasTreasures on Etsy

These handmade gemstone earrings are stunning

handmade gemstone earrings large faceted citrine briolette amethyst tanzanite goldfilled sterling by goreous on etsy

and keeping with the amber/citrine…

Thanksgiving Falls Fiest Vintage Key Leaf Vintage Jewel Swarovski Pearl Necklace by SSSJ on etsy

Indian Summer Earrings by TinyMishaps on etsy

And of course you’ll need a way to carry things so try one of these bags

Citrine Tote New by bayanhippo on etsy


The Mini Bag Orange with Black and White Bird by Expressive Stitches on Etsy

And because you look so lovely you may want to protect that outfit with a practical, if not supremely stylish, bib like these

Florence Damask Adult Bib by bibbitybibs on etsy

and for him…

Adult tuxedo Bib by sewwoman1 on etsy


And after the feasting is done you’ll need to clean up. So how about keeping some of these on hand

Pumpkin Pie Dishcloths by RebeccaJay on etsy

(love the photography!)


And in the end, isn’t it all about being thankful? Why not tell someone your thankful for them with these

Autumn Leaf Thank You Note Flat Card Pack of 5 by HeatherJaneDesign on Etsy


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