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the Dark, the elegant and the subtle

Hooked on the dark, the elegant and the subtle

Dark Elegance

The kind of dress you swirl, twirl and run in



A few of my Favorited Things

Subtle Lovelys


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Blue it..bright up

The treasury strikes again! I only wish I could so easily copy the larger images, the ones we’d much rather see in a blog rather than the tiny gallery images.

This one all started with the old but new bright blue and white vintage sofa and went from there. After struggling with Etsy’s less than helpful search I scrapped initial ideas and went with blue and brightness. It led to some really lovely pieces. You can check them out below, or check out and comment on the whole treasury here:

treasury link

Blue it!

  • Pair of Throw Pillow Covers with Hand Painted Cherry Blossoms in Blue
  • these pillows are quite lovely. The color combo and motif are really nice. I’m currently contemplating if they would go with our couches or not…$62.99 USD
  • Hollywood Starlet French Baroque Button Tufted Peacock Blue Silk Sofa
  • This is simply an awesome couch. Talk about making old new, vintage sofa, which I’m already plenty happy with, but made new and usable again and modern with some paint and silk like blue upholstery, even better.

    $1,600.00 USD

At the time of this post, all of these items were available on etsy.com for purchase. Use the links above to get more information about each one and visit the seller’s/artist’s shop to learn more about the person behind the piece.

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Because going forward and looking back so often occur together…

Whether is be that in going forward we find ourselves looking back or that in looking back we find how far we’ve come or consider where we are going, the nostalgic and the explorer intermingle in a lust for wandering and wondering especially in thoughts of travel…

full original treasury here

Traveling and Exploring we go..

There is something about the traveler discoverer aesthetic that is so appealing. It tells of old time studies rich with books, of maps and travel logues and naturalist journals, of worn shoes and ships, of trains and suitcases, canvas and leather, binoculars, compasses and untouched places

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My first Etsy Treasury… addict in the making?

I finally made a treasury, and seeing that they take about 1/100 maybe of the time it takes to create an outfit me post, I think it’s likely I’ll do it again. You can see the images below but you don’t quite get the feel. So check out the whole treasury here:


and post comments on it about how you think my first attempt came out :).

Copper Amber Sunrise

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Oops, where have I been… Updates & Statements

I kept thinking, Surely I will update this. I was going to do a Winter themed outfit me post, and several others and well, it gets terribly busy around the holidays and around the start of a new semester and most places in between. I do so wish there was a quicker easier way to do the outfit me posts because I’d certainly do them much faster. And I had some update but then the cord for my camera broke and it took me quite a long time to find a proper card reader for it.  So, I’ll try to get some stuff up in the next week or so.

Current updates:

I still very much need to get the sewing machine fixed, eitehr one of them. I launched creatureness.etsy.com . Which will be a place for my creature based creations like the squid monsters. I have sooo many ideas for things I want to make and have made several prototypes. But then, of course, the sewing machine broke for the 3 or 4th time. I got one to replace it, used, which worked for about 4 stitches. I thought I’d fixed that one, but then it coudln’t spin a bobbin, so I spun one by hand only to find out that the sewing machine doesn’t work at all. At least I gt a great sewing cabinet and stool out of it. Currently, I’m trying to decide if getting another bobbin casing will be worth it or if it will simply destroy it like the last few. I think it may be time for a new sewing machine.

But anyhow, creatureness, I’m excited. I only have a few things up but I already have 1 sale, which was lots of fun. Boxchicken, on the other hand, I have been neglecting, which is unfortunate because the boxchicken cards for valentine’s day are certainly among my favorites. I also have GIF animation (horribly rudimentary like a messy flipbook) but I like them anyway. I’m contemplating offering printables at Boxchicken. This might be easier than keeping a stack of printed stock taking up space and would get them to people faster. I’d love to find out more about how people do this. And there will finally be boxchicken plush once I figure out the whole sewing machine thing.

I’m looking for a new place to buy the white jewelry boxes I use. The last batch I got was only half useable. I’m also looking for a supplier for boxes, (or I may need to make some, possibly pearl folder style), for my new statement necklaces. This is very much the way my jewelry making is going. I have a bunch of other ideas too. With many of them, I am struggling to find quality materials that are affordable and that will do what I want them to do. After getting faulty crimp beads and wire at some point, I’m quite skeptical of materials at the moment.

Here’s some pics of the new pieces. You can find more on my flickr account (the start of the silver & grey binge) or facebook page (statement necklaces) too.

The first one I started experimenting with is a red piece made of fossil. It’s made with a woven design and is the first piece I tried like this. It looks great and the fossil isn’t as heavy as if it was glass or stone, but the necklace is by no means light weight even those it has a very airy feel. I wanted to put this one up immediately, but the back is less than ideal, though still completely wearable. So, it is not for sale. Though, if someone really wanted it, I’d be happy to pass it on too ;). For now I’m wearing it. By doing so I can test the sturdiness of the construction and see if it will continue to hold before I make similar pieces. Expect one made in aquamarine pearls…

The necklace that reminds me of a red berry wreath:

Woven Berry Necklace

I love the sophistication of this piece and how it would just work in a  variety of situations. It’s very wearable for a wide audience. It can easily be worn o work, with a cute top to go out with friends or with a strapless dress for a special occassion. One of the things I really like about jewelry in general is how it transforms you look. You can wear the same outfit but accessorize it differently to completely transform it. Something that seemed boring and drab can become alive and situation appropriate with the right accessories. I also like pieces that have significant wear-time. Though, there are certainly plenty of things I like to have even if I just wear them occasionally or they complete a certain look or are really special, I love the pieces that you can just wear with anything and it boosts the look and gives you confidence. Like your favorite pair of jeans, a favorite necklace or pair of earrings can just make you look great and give you confidence, regardless of what else you might be wearing.


And this red berry necklace gave me a chance to use one of my favorite clasps that I’ve been hanging on to for months now:


I like box clasps, what can I say. They tend to give a really finished look and many of them are really interesting. I have a hard time finding clasps that I really like but they can completely make or break a look it seems. If you know of a great supplier for interesting (and somewhat affordable) clasps let me know!

Here’s another that I’m pretty happy with:

‘Stormy’ is by far my favorite, I think…

Stormy- Deatial

stormy- full


I love the clasp on this one. It’s rhodium plated (non tarnishing yay!) and CZ and it completes the necklace just as I’d want it to. This is such a huge necklace! I could never display it without my new stand that you see in the picture. It has made such a difference in photographing, building and storing necklaces.

And this necklace, Plum Point Fringe, I adore the deep colors and the simple yet dramatic statement it makes. If I can find the shell fringe again, I’ll be making one for myself ;).


Plum Point Fringe, Statement Necklace

So there are a few of my favorite new things. I’ll post another, maaaybe, with the new pink and brass earrings. There are a few other statement necklaces in the shop including two with white/ivory/cream loops. But there’s something for now.

In other news ‘flock’ has been doing remarkably well making the rounds on several blogs, the storque and a squidoo lens on weddings.

Flock- hanging cut paper sculpture

(more pictures here on flickr)

Hopefully, I’ll post more on sculptures, perhaps show you the ones that aren’t for sale and some of the experiments. Paka for now.

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